Poland alarmed by sick cow slaughter at meat plant

Polish police will be investigating a great abattoir supposed of unlawfully trafficking in unwell cattle, which has been shot covertly.

Poland’s main vet standard according to the film, transmission by Shine TVN 24, discloses “illegal actions, because slaughter was carried out intentionally at evening, in purchase to avoid standard guidance.

The film shows noticeably sick bovine, and cabaret employees trimming carcasses.

It is far from crystal clear in which the meats proceeded to go.

The thought is possibly serious to get the EUROPEAN UNION because in 2013 a good horsemeat scandal exposed the complexity of meat product sales in Europe’s single marketplace.

The scandal triggered item recalls, while officials battled to trace believe meat.

The veterinary officer’s statement says his inspectors and police force were likely off regarding “suspected unlawful slaughter” in an abattoir close to Ostrow Mazowiecka in north-eastern Poland.

Around the night time of 14-15 January, they discovered eight ill cows presently there and “a decision was produced to kill the animals immediately in order to end their struggling”.

“During the exam, the owners of the pets had been recognized, along with a pet seller who also transported cows unfit pertaining to transportation, and abattoir personnel accountable for family pet well being right now there,” the declaration stated.

The assertion came times after the TELEVISION broadcast, which usually showed pigs that were as well ill to stand becoming pulled coming from lorries into the slaughterhouse.

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